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Hard cold days of Winter have fewer hours of sun/daylight. Warm your home with service from Wayne Chastain.

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Long hot days of Summer have more hours of sun/daylight. Beat the heat with service from Wayne Chastain.

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Welcome to Chastain Heating & Air Inc.

Don't let your heating drive you insane- call Chastain Heating & Air!                          It's that time of year again... Hot then rain some... then Hot Hot Hot!

Stop the frustration with HVAC contractor's!!    We have excellent reviews on Angie's List and with the BBB.  We're licensed, certified, insured & bonded and also have work comp for our employees. You can trust us - we will finish the job. We'll work to find the right solution for your home's comfort.

At Chastain Heating & Air, Inc. you'll find we're not just another HVAC contractor. We hear stories all the time - "they tell me I need a new unit" -- and it turns out to be a fairly simple fix... and sometimes it just needs a really good cleaning. We're committed to providing good quality service & total comfort in your home or business. We've been working in the River Region for over 25 years. We provide quality service at a fair price. We're not just part changers, we find your problem and fix it. We service what we sell and also systems installed by other contractors. We stand behind our work 100%.

It's summer now & the weather is H-O-T!  NOAA Weather Predictor website shows above normal temperatures the next 2 months!  Welcome to the south. Right now we're replacing systems, coils and condensers and working no air breakdowns as priority & filling in with summer checkouts.  You may be thinking - well with the economy - i'm gonna chance it and wait another year - hoping your dinosaur will carry you through another season -

Remember:                                                                                                                                      * 25C Tax Credit for high efficiency HVAC systems extended for 2012 and 2013 tax returns. Call us to see how you can incorporate these credits into a new comfort system for your home.

* We also provide Annual Service Agreements which gives you discounted rates on parts and system repairs.

* If you haven't changed your filter recently - do it now.  

* Don't block air outlets & return registers with furniture, drapes etc.

*  R22 refrigerant prices are skyrocketing thanks to new regulations coming out of Washington D.C.

For more suggestions on ways to keep your home/office cool, or to help your system work more efficiently, click on the our tips and tricks tab on our menu bar.